Wish List

I will try to do this list now and put all the items I wish in an approximate order of future purchase:

1. Jewel tail lights. It's a must. I love the look. I would have loved even more some jewel lights with led, but unfortunately, those are available only in my imagination. I found some projects online, however, I didn't like the result, mostly because the lens and plastic cover are fused together and removing them is impossible without damage to either part. PURCHASED and installed successfully.

2. V O L V O trunk badge. To be clear, I mean the new type of spaced letter badge. Many hate it, but I love it. Already found a source online, it's kinda pricey, but the search continues. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind the price of the part, what I mind is the shipping costs. To have something shipped to Romania is outrageous at least. PURCHASED.Will install it after the respray of the car.

3. Dual exhaust. I know, I know, it doesn't increase the power of the car. However I want it. Don't know why, maybe because I like things symmetric. I was flirting with the Heico Sportiv Volvo S60 dual exhaust, but they discontinued that product. So I will go to a shop and hope for the best and wishing not to brake the piggy bank. PURCHASED and installed successfully.

4. New 2005 or 2007 rear spoiler (bumper) or the OEM Volvo s60 sport kit (part no. 30664631). This part of the project is needed 
because of the no. 3 in the list. The dual exhaust requires me to cut my rear bumper, and I'm pretty sure that is going to be a messy job. The look I desire for the bottom rear of the car is, like in these pictures that I modified, below:
However that will probably raise another problem... ground clearance, which is very problematic for me because my garage is under my building and the access to it is a very steep ramp (that is another project :))). Well, we'll see. PURCHASED a 2005 rear bumper with all the brackets and installed successfully.

5. New 2005 or 2007 OEM front spoiler (bumper). Needed for completing the cosmetic facelift of the car and to reduce the discrepancy with the rear.

6. Injectors upgrade. I will buy a set of 5 green injectors from ARD.
 picture credits: ARD

7. Turbo upgrade. I will buy a TD04HL-16T, also from ARD. Depending on budget, I will choose either a new, or a refurbished one.
picture credits: ARD

8. Intercooler upgrade. For this upgrade I will choose SNABB Performance - Ultimate Intercooler Kit
picture credits: SNABB Performance

9. Intake upgrade. I will also require to upgrade the intake, and for this I will go for another part from SNABB Performance - Performance Fresh Air Pipe
 picture credits: SNABB Performance

10. ECM tune. After all the parts mentioned from points 6 to 9, I will require a tune. So, it's time to go back to ARD for it's Green Tune I hope by the time all the hardware and software upgrades will be done, to get around 270 BHP and 430 NM.
picture credits: ARD

11. New 2007 Volvo active bi xenon lamps. Those i love. I will speak with an electrician to see if it's possible to convert them to work on my car. I don't know if the bending function will work, but we'll see then. PURCHASED 2005+ halogen headlights that are modified and installed

12. New 2007 Volvo mirrors with integrated blinker. PURCHASED and installed successfully.

13. Repainting the car or repairing all the small imperfections. Same color (450) Cosmos Blue Metallic or Sonic Blue Metallic (470) or Rebel Blue Solid (619) or Power Blue Metallic (713). Don't know yet if I'll go the classic way of respraying the car at a dealer or spraying it myself with Plasti Dip. And also, I can't decide about what shade of blue should I choose, so I created a POLL so that you can help me decide.

14. Interior upgrade. If I manage to find a full leather interior at a reasonable price I will buy it, or I'll just update the interior I have to full leather. Also I will scour the net for all the little aluminium inserts we find on the newer S60s.

Will be continued


  1. Hello! I was wondering if you can provide links for each part! That would be great. :) Thanks!!

  2. Your not planning to change the front bumper? Like the 2007 one

    1. I planned that. However I couldn't find an affordable 07 bumper so I already bought a 05-06 bumper which I will fit to my car probably this summer