Saturday, July 26, 2014

Bling bling

Hello, my dear readers!

This time, I will tell you about something I did a few days ago. Finally, I found a pair of 2005+ "jewel" S60 tail lights and I went ahead and bought them. Also I bought a pair of 2007+ side mirrors with integrated side markers that I will cover in the next post. Here are the beauties:

The very next day I started the disassembly of my tail lights. This process is very easy. All you have to do is open the trunk and then release the cover on both sides using the knob.
Behind the " mystery " door we find this: the tail light assembly.
The tail light is held in place attached to the body via four 10mm bolts that are placed on the tail light's screws.
After you unscrew these bolts and remove both the connectors, you can pull the tail light away from the car.
Now comes the tricky part. You must understand that this job is not 100% plug and play. There are 2 things you must consider when you decide to do this kind of job. Firstly, when you buy the new tails, be sure you buy them complete with the electronic parts (the parts where the bulbs are fitted) because the electronics from the older type of lights will not fit. Secondly, you must know you have to modify the tail light a bit since the new one has a very long plastic guidance pin that will not allow it to fit your car (if your Volvo S60 is made pre 2005). 
What you have to do, and what I did, was to cut the pin that you see in the picture above. However after you cut it, you are left with a hole.
So, I used some clear silicone to seal this hole so that when the cold and wet season comes, I will not have any "surprises"
 Until now I have showed you the work I did on only one headlight. But now, I show you the end result of "trimming" and sealing the pin and hole respectively, at the other light.
Almost done, now all I had to do, after the silicone was dry, is to assemble my new jewels back on the car.
One last note, the connectors fit perfectly with the electronics of the new tails, so no worries there.
Hope you like the result and maybe, who knows, you will do this kind of conversion to your car also.

Safe journeys everyone!


  1. I don't know if my last comment got through, but I want to say that I am glad you finally got your taillights. They really look great. I hope you don't mind if I steal your idea and do this to my s60.

    1. Thank you gord7! Sure you can "steal" the idea, however it is not my idea! Good luck hunting for those rears and till next time all my best wishes!

  2. Thanks for sharing this. Something I've always wanted to upgrade but the lights are rare and normally expensive which put me off doing it. Can you post some photos of the lights on in the dark?

    1. Hi, Martin Chan! For server space reasons, I can not post here more photos for the subject. But if you would be so kind to go to my blog's facebook page, you will find the pictures you are looking for very soon. Here's the link:

    2. Here is a direct link to the photo you requested: